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I believe that what we think about is what we create in our lives. So on that note, here are some success stories from 2021! I hope you find some inspiration in these stories!

What a difference a year makes!

Two of my favorites!

One of my favorite success stories this year is my daughter Daisy and son-in-law Adam braved the odds and despite a truly bizarre year, created and opened a really awesome new business.

Here is Daisy’s description of the process:

“These two photos were taken just over a year apart. And in that year….

The pandemic didn’t wrap up quite like we hoped, but as a result, our risk-mitigation skills are sharp!

We’ve sourced and resourced materials (and substitute materials) due to shortages and shipping challenges.

We’ve staffed an entire new store during a labour shortage (our HR manager is a magician).

We’ve been graffiti’d, flooded, derailed, defeated, graffit’d again, and delayed delayed delayed.

We’ve canceled vacations and worked instead, we’ve missed kids’ sports and worked instead, we’ve skipped dinner and skipped sleep, and worked instead (and so has our amazing team).

Our sons have learned what ‘family business’ really means, they’ve learned what hard work feels like, and we’ve shown them what doing what you love looks like.

But look!!!

What a difference a month makes!

Our new location at Oxford Corner in Cook Street Village has been open for a month. It has been the fastest month of our lives, but also the single period of time in which we have accomplished the most – it is hard to believe ALL that has transpired, and that we are on the other side of it. And still standing, and still smiling. Smiling ear to ear in fact.

We’ve done this before, but this feels different. Our first little Root Cellar was also all of our dreams come true, but we were limited by having no clout, no customers, no contacts, no money, and three babies; so she took several years to really blossom. I liken this location to giving birth to a fully formed adult, rather than a baby. This one is street-ready, she’s got chops, she’s got confidence and she’ll catch up to her big sister in no time. They plan to be college roommates and take the city by storm. Watch out for them; we couldn’t be more proud.

We’ve been sharing our carrots for over 25 years, but don’t ask us what they mean, we’ll never tell.


Daisy + Adam

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