About Brad Leslie

Brad Leslie is a rather unique combination of two different worlds: the black & white, hard-nosed business world, and the creative, esoteric, and socially responsible world. While a highly successful real estate businessman, Brad has also been active in artistic, creative, and community endeavors for years.

How can one man “walk the two worlds” as a vegetarian, musician, and esoteric thinker, and still be a successful businessman, a hard-fisted negotiator, and advocate for positive change?

This has not only given Brad the chance to help thousands of people achieve their dreams and move into their new home, but it has allowed Brad to play an important role in the community. Not just finding and selling property, but helping to create homes and businesses for our neighbourhoods.

Brad’s leadership, commitment, and relentless dedication to his community is reflective of his successful career. His passion and involvement for real estate and the community speak volumes, Brad simply walks the talk.

Lately, he’s amped up his talk for speaking engagements, most recently on mentoring youth at the MDI conference in Las Vegas. As a father and a grandfather of three lads, Brad knows the value of a family home. A home where toddlers can learn to walk, where teenagers learn to stand on their own feet, and a place where husbands and wives can grow old together.

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