A charter member in 1992-93, this organization helps to develop confidence in public speaking.


Lodge officer, 1981-83


Brad has been active in the United Way, and in 2000 was recognized as “Realtor of the Year” for his fundraising efforts and volunteer community participation. As United Way chair of his Re/Max office for the past six years, Brad has nearly tripled the annual total raised by his office campaign raising a whopping $200,000.

When you get good people together with good intentions, good things happen.

Those that know Brad will know that he’s been involved in personal development and community service groups for years. Not content to just watch, Brad has taken active leadership roles which lead to the production of over 20 events, known as “Rhinos,” involving up to 300 men per event.

These events, often held miles away in the bush, were a special and sacred time and place for men to become empowered, revitalized, re focused in their energy and goals, and more useful to their homes and communities.

All this and brains too? Brad has been a member of “smart-guy” club Mensa since the mid 1980’s. Was he smart enough to buy property in Whistler back then? You ask him.

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