Young Men’s Adventure Weekend (YMAW)

Years ago, in the late 1980′s, Brad and several other men were discussing the plight of today’s male teenagers, often growing up without the benefit of a Full Time Father. These men decided they wanted to do something about it – so they launched a week-end camping trip where young men could spend time with adult men who were committed to holding high personal standards and being accountable in the community and in their lives.

This weekend camping trip has evolved over the years into what is now called the Young Men’s Adventure Weekend, which is organized and supervised by a production team of 30-50 volunteer adult men who plan and produce the event, hosting an average of 50-80 young men between the ages of 12 and 17.

In 1999, the Young Men’s Adventure Weekend Society was formed as a registered BC non-profit society.

To date, the YMAW has touched the lives of and estimated 2,000 men and young men, and it continues to grow and prosper in the Vancouver/Lower mainland as well as in California, Arizona and Ottawa.

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