Dragon Energy and the Art of Feng Shui in Your Home

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Creating harmony in your home is achieved through incorporating the principles of feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space to achieve balance with the natural world. Feng shui uses the five elements— wood, fire, earth, water, metal—with each element associated with qualities, colours, seasons, and shapes that can enhance the chi of your home. While little is known about its true origin, the principles of feng shui have guided the designs of homes and towns for thousands of years throughout Asia. Today, people all over the world have embraced the guidelines of feng shui to influence their home design and decor choices.

This Lunar New Year, the year of the Dragon, many are called to harness the energy of the celestial creature–growth, vitality, and prosperity– by looking inward at their homes for fresh inspiration. If you would like to experiment with the principles of feng shui to sway the favours of prosperity and luck into your space, here are a few tips to consider:

Free Your Home of Clutter

Before the cherry blossoms bloom to welcome the onset of spring, find an opportunity to declutter your home. Unwanted clutter can block the flow of positive energy from permeating your home, so set aside some time to consider the things that add value bring you joy and what is merely taking up unnecessary space. Maintaining an open space requires a consistent practice of evaluating what we bring into our home and the ability to let things go. With more room to breathe, more room is made for good luck and health to flow.

Wood Elements at Home

As the Year of the Wood Dragon, it’s the ideal time to harness the power of the wood element. Wood has strong ties to vitality, growth, flexibility, and kindness, helping to bring the natural world inside your home. One of the most powerful ways of activating the Wood element is by bringing living plants, trees, flowers, and living wood into your spaces. The addition of new houseplants will naturally create a sense of growth and vitality in your home.

Enter the Dragon

To attract wealth, prosperity, and success, the principles of feng shui suggest placing a dragon in the north or east direction of your home, facing inward to denote the energy flowing into your home. However, if you’d rather have a more subtle dragon presence, you can highlight artwork and homewares that capture the essence of the dragon to help nurture an environment that attracts wealth and success.

Lucky Colours

Lush greens, teals, and deep blues have been designated the auspicious colours in the Year of the Wood Dragon. According to feng shui practitioners, these colours promote abundance, harmony, prosperity, and health. Green, the primary colour of the Wood Dragon, encourages self-renewal and growth. You can weave these colours into your home through decor, or paintings and art that take inspiration from nature.

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